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Asia's 50 Best Restaurants: Ecco la lista 2020, a trionfare è Odette in Singapore

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants: Ecco la lista 2020

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants: Ecco la lista 2020, a trionfare è Odette in Singapore

No.50 is Nouri in Singapore, Singapore
No.49 is Inua in Tokyo, Japan
No.48 is L’Effervescence in Tokyo, Japan
No.47 is 80/20bkk in Bangkok, Thailand
No.46 is Sushi Saito in Tokyo, Japan
No.45 is Bukhara in New Delhi, India
No.44 is Toyo Eatery in Manila, Philippines
No.43 is 祥雲龍吟Ryugin in Taipei, Taiwan
No.42 is CORNER HOUSE - Singapore Botanic Gardens in Singapore
No.41 is Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in Shanghai China

No.40 is La Maison de la Nature Goh in Fukuoka, Japan
No.39 is Bo.lan in Bangkok, Thailand
No.38 is Paste Bangkok Thai Cuisine in Bangkok, Thailand
No.37 is Restaurant Locavore in Bali, Indonesia
No.36 is RAW in Taipei, Taiwan
No.35 is Ode オード in Tokyo, Japan
No.34 is 한식공간 hansikgonggan in Seoul, South Korea
No.33 is Lung King Heen in Hong Kong, China
No.32 is 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA HK Hong Kong, China
No.31 is Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

No.30 is Ministry Of Crab in Colombo, Sri Lanka
No.29 is Sazenka in Tokyo, Japan
No.28 is Zén in Singapore
No.27 is TocToc in Seoul, South Korea
No.26 is JL Studio in Taichung, Taiwan
No.25 is Seventh Son in Hong Kong, China
No.24 is Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo, Japan
No.23 is Sichuan Moon in Macau, China
No.22 is Wing Lei Palace in Macau, China Wynn Palace 永利皇宮
No.21 is JAAN by Kirk Westaway in Singapore

No.20 is Fu He Hui in Shanghai, China
No.19 is Neighborhood in Hong Kong, China
No.18 is MUME in Taipei, Taiwan
No.17 is Il Ristorante Luca Fantin in Tokyo, Japan
No.16 is Sorn ศรณ์ ศรณ์ in Bangkok, Thailand
No.15 is Gaa in Bangkok, Thailand
No.14 is Mingles in Seoul, South Korea
No.13 is Indian Accent in New Delhi, India
No.12 is VEA Restaurant & Lounge in Hong Kong, China
No.11 is Les Amis Restaurant in Singapore

No.10 is La Cime in Osaka, Japan
No.9 is Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan
No.8 is Le Du in Bangkok, Thailand
No.7 is Florilège in Tokyo, Japan
No.6 is Sühring in Bangkok, Thailand
No.5 is Burnt Ends SG in Singapore
No.4 is BELON in Hong Kong, China
No.3 is Den in Tokyo, Japan
No.2 is 大班樓 The Chairman Restaurant in Hong Kong, China
No.1 is Odette in Singapore