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Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more

Turkey is a fundamental part of our great continent called “Eurasia”. As we write in this interview, Turkey is part of Europe and a very important central market for Eastern Europe.

And how about gastronomy? Situation is still “complicated” and fascinating. In this part of the world we have connections between different kitchens, influences and traditions.

Gastromasa is project that try to recollect all Turkey experience and things-to-say-about food in this area.

We had a talk with Mr. Gozman Sozen, founder of Gastromasa and an expert of this part of the world about gastronomy and society.

Thanks for your time! Spend a few words about the restoration scene in your Middle East region.

First of all, Turkey is not in the Middle East region. This definition comes very often, but Turkey is in the Eastern Europe region and Istanbul is one of the important and big markets in East Europe.

Like all over the world restaurants and relevant sectors like supply chain, agriculture, event agencies, cross sectors were the most affected by the pandemic in Turkey. They have been closed for almost a year and they have a lot of economic difficulties…

We anticipate that consumer demands will undergo serious changes in the long term after the pandemic and we will see more sustainable, healthy menus…

If we talk about Gastronomic landscape in Turkey I can classify in 4 different Gastronomic landscape; Istanbul, Aegean Region, Mediterranean, and Anatolia;

in Istanbul Restaurant scene; first, I need to mention is one of the cities with the highest population in Europe and it has a huge potential and will become an international gastronomy destination in the coming years…Because of the pandemic expected blooming delay but I’m sure after a couple of years Istanbul will be a very popular gastronomic destination, believe me, to explore different tastes in Istanbul street is an adventure…

On the other hand, we have the Aegean Region which is rapidly transforming into a Gastronomic destination; there are farms and wine yards, chef restaurants…. on the other hand, global restaurant brands have started to take place in Bodrum and international restaurant investors are coming these days, it looks Bodrum is going to be a luxury tourism destination…

Our other popular tourist destination is Antalya in the Mediterranean region; we have very big hotel chains, historical places, natural beauties, still emerge gastronomic area …

And Anatolia; home of the world's oldest civilizations… Anatolia is also an incredible region with its biodiversity and rich food that chefs should discover, you can both experience the traditions and rituals of ancient civilizations and discover the richness of the soil, there are lots of local restaurants that should be discovered in Anatolia...

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more
Pia Leon, Virgilio Martinez e Gökmen Sözen

Tell us something about Gastromasa: a very obvious event, we can say that this is a "lifestyle", right?

Yes exactly; Gastromasa is an international brand that started in Istanbul. Our Gastronomy approach is a lifestyle because Gastronomy is very rich it is not only “culinary” it has multi-dimensions has links with different disciplines from product to art, history to innovation, and in each Gastromasa.

Gastromasa is a stage for intercultural interaction and sharing. It aims to discuss the success stories of chefs who dealt with Gastronomy in different dimensions. On the 6th of November, our theme is going to be "design"...

Provide more information about your role in Gastromasa.

I have been working in the Gastronomy sector for 22 years; I’m the founder of Foodinlife publication and Gastromasa…

I was born and raised in Istanbul, which is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. I have friends of different religions and ethnicities and we all like to gather at a table. We respect each other's cultures and rituals. My dream is to bring all my friends from Peru to France to Spain together at one table and enjoy this richness at this big table... So that the word “masa” in Gastromasa means table in Turkish...

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more

Gastromasa's international guests

In the near future, how can Gastromasa contribute to the development of your world food culture?

There are 3 issues that we are very sensitive to Gastromasa; intercultural interaction, diversity, and multidisciplinary. And our main target group is always the young population. They should taste, they should experience and learn that is important for our future. And the most basic feature of Gastromasa is that it builds a bridge between cultures, we think that there are such successful and special projects should be talked about and take the stage…

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more

Joan Roca on the stage of Gastromasa

Do you want to send a message to the rest of the world? This English interview can be read by everyone!

We are going through one of the most difficult times in the world, there is always the end of the tunnel, the important thing is what we have learned and how we will adapt, these changes in the food chain will also shape the world of our future. We have seen that we need to approach 360 and that this chain needs to be balanced sustainably and fairly.

As a gastronomy sector, we’re a very important part of the food value chain we have to understand our impact on the community…

As a Sozen Organization, we have seen this change and we are now handling our activities more comprehensively. Gastromasa is our most inclusive brand but we will discuss these changes in our new conference brands; “ farm network “and “f-summit hospitality conference” as well.

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more

Gökmen Sözen

The next international events signed by Sozen

Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more


Pioneers of the tourism gastronomy and hospitality sector around the world are gathering at the 1st International Tourism Gastronomy and Hospitality Summit: FSUMMIT. The theme of the Summit for the first edition is “Differentiation in Hospitality”. All the stakeholders of the sector -national&international investors, managers, chefs, and F&B managers being in the first place, will meet under the same roof.

At the FSUMMIT, the hospitality sector will be discussed 360 degrees and it will build an important bridge between the national and international businesses.


Gastromasa: a talk with Gökmen Sözen about Turkish situation and more
VI. International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference

The world famous gastronomic stars will come to Turkey November 6 2021 - Istanbul

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