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Video Ricetta Disfrutar: Pesto multisferico e anguilla affumicata

Recipe from Disfrutar: Multi-sperical pesto with smoked eel

Video Ricetta Disfrutar: Pesto multisferico e anguilla affumicata

#DISFRUTAR Avant-garde recipe "Multi-spherical pesto with smoked eel"


For the Parmesan water

  • 100 g of Parmesan reggiano without rind
  • 100 g of water
  • 1. Cut the Parmesan into small pieces and grind the Parmesan in the blender until it is thin.
  • 2. Boil the indicated water, add the ground Parmesan, stir and let infuse next to the fire for 40 min, stirring every 5 min.
  • 3. Strain through a fine strainer and let it decant in a tall and narrow container for 24 hours in the fridge.
  • 4. Remove the upper fat and save it for other dishes.
  • 5. Save the Parmesan water (lower part) obtained in the refrigerator.

For the Parmesan cream

  • 30 g of cream
  • 20 g of milk
  • 50 g of grated Parmesan cheese
  • Salt
  • 1. Mix the milk and the cream and bring them to a boil.
  • 2. Add the Parmesan cheese, mix and remove from the heat.
  • 3. Let infuse for 20 min and strain.
  • 4. Salt and save.
  • For the Basil Infused Oil
  • 150 g of olive oil
  • 75 g of fresh basil
  • 1. Break the basil with the hands and put it in the oil.
  • 2. Heat to 60ºC, remove from heat and keep at room temperature for 12 hours.
  • 3. Strain and save.

For the Spherical Pesto Base

  • 100 g of fresh basil leaves
  • 3 g of garlic
  • 12 g roasted pine nuts
  • 12 g de of grated Reggiano Parmesan
  • 50 g of infused basil oil (previous preparation)
  • 150 g of water
  • 30 g of parmesan water (previous preparation)
  • Salt
  • 0,6 g de xanthan gum
  • 2,4 g of calcium gluconolactate
  • 1. Remove the central nerve of the garlic.
  • 2. Mix all the ingredients in the Thermomix except the xanthan gum and the gluconolactate.
  • 3. Grind the ingredients until you get a fine cream, strain and salt.
  • 4. Add the gluconolactate to 200 g of the mixture. Mix and then add the xanthan gum.
  • 5. Grind with the help of the electric whisk until no lumps remain.
  • 6. Remove the air from the mixture with the help of the vacuum machine and save the mixture in the fridge.

For the Alginate Base

  • 1000 g of water
  • 5 g of sodium alginate
  • 1. Dissolve the alginate in the water.
  • 2. Grind in the blender until there are no lumps.
  • 3. Save in the fridge for 24 hours.
  • For the “Worms” of Multi-Spherical Pesto
  • Spherical pesto base (previous preparation)
  • Alginate base (previous preparation)
  • 1. With the help of a syringe, make pesto balls in the alginate bath of 0.4 cm in diameter. We need 20 balls per person.
  • 2. Strain the pesto balls from the alginate bath and deposit them in a row in a long, narrow mould with a half-round shape of 0.3 cm wide. In this way, we will form a long and narrow “worm”, formed by 20 pesto balls in a row.
  • 3. Let the balls curdle in the fridge for 30 min.
  • 4. After this time, unmould carefully not to break the strip and save in the fridge.
  • For Textured Pistachio Oil
  • 50 g virgin pistachio oil
  • 1,5 g of monoglyceride
  • 1. Combine 25 g of oil with the glyceride.
  • 2. Heat at minimum speed and stirring until the glyceride has dissolved. Remove from heat and add the rest of the oil while stirring.
  • 3. In a cold bain-marie, add the oil with glyceride little by little and without stirring, in order that the mixture is taking body and a texture similar to a cream butter.
  • 4. Save in the fridge.

For the Iberian Bacon Oil

  • 50 g of salt-cured Iberian bacon
  • 10 g of water
  • 15 g of soft olive oil
  • 1. Chop the bacon.
  • 2. Join the bacon with the water and the oil, and simmer until the water has completely evaporated and the bacon has released all its water.
  • 3. Strain and save in the fridge.
  • For the Cured Iberian Bacon Sheets
  • 1 piece of 50 g of salt-cured Iberian bacon
  • 1. With the help of a knife, remove the skin and the excess of salt outside the bacon.
  • 2. Cut the bacon into rectangles of 1x2 cm side and freeze.
  • 3. Once frozen, cut with the slicing machine to obtain bacon slices of 0.1 cm thick.
  • 4. We need 3 bacon sheets per person. Save in the fridge.

For the Smoked Eel Dice

  • 1 piece of 70 g of smoked eel
  • 1. Remove the skin and possible eel spines.
  • 2. Cut 3 eel dice per person, 0.7 cm sideways. Save in the fridge.
  • Others
  • 12 basil sprouts
  • 12 roasted pine nuts
  • 12 tender pistachios repelled
  • 12 parmesan dice 0.3 cm side
  • Freshly ground black pepper


  • 1. Arrange the multi-spherical worms in rectangular plates, occupying the central part and making a slight zigzag with them.
  • 2. Heat the Parmesan cream slightly, warm the bacon fat and heat the dishes with the multi-spherical in the salamander grill.
  • 3. Spread 3 pistachios, 3 pine nuts, 3 Parmesan dice and 3 eel dice on the plate. On top of the eel lay a bacon sheet.
  • 4. Sauce the base of the plate with a little cream of Parmesan and bacon fat.
  • 5. Reheat in the salamander grill.
  • 6. Finish by dressing the pistachios with a little textured pistachio oil, distributing 3 basil sprouts and dressing the whole with freshly ground black pepper.

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